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What better way to spend a birthday celebration, group activity, stag party, hen party, or other group outing than with a trip to any one of our select group holiday destinations for your next special occasion. As part of your unique group holiday package, we are at your service to assist you in planning, arranging, and fulfilling your every fancy to accommodate and surprise each and every member of your group. With Destination Perfect, the perfect group holiday is as easy as choosing a destination and packing your bags!

Is cutting loose and going wild in the plans? Then we invite you to Las Vegas. This glowing oasis in the desert is known for attracting visitors from all over the globe for a wild and intoxicatingly good time. Often bordering on the cheeky, the raunchy, and the bold, Las Vegas has developed a reputation for turning entertainment into an audacious and delightfully-unpredictable venture. From five-star hotels and world-class gambling resorts to live magic shows and exclusive entertainment venues, Las Vegas is such a daring destination that it carries its own slogan — what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Or are you looking for a more cultured feel to your party? Try Prague. This city of old-world architecture, aesthetic wonders, and inescapable leisure is considered one of the most desirable hotspots in all of Europe. Prague is a place of enduring culture where the passion to accommodate its visitors is a trend several hundred years in the making. From hilltop castles and cobbled streets to art galleries, flowered gardens, majestic statues, enchanting urban strolls, appetising cuisines, and some of the most flavorful traditional beer brewing centers in the world, Prague comes with so many delightful surprises of every size, shape, color, and taste, you’ll find that it’s a pleasing holiday experience — of a very unique European variety.

Then there are the world-famous pub tours in Dublin, the exuberant beaches of Ibiza, where the sun-soaked coastlines turn into sprawling venues of music, dancing, and entertainment, and the five-star beachside resorts of the Dominican Republic, where clear waters, tropical scenery, island cocktails, and fun are always on the agenda. Decisions, decisions!

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