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The family holiday you’ve been waiting for is just around the corner with Destination Perfect, where we help plan your dream break, arrange local trips and excursions, and ensure that accommodations meet the needs of every member of your family — from the big, to the little!

Family holidays are the perfect way to take a break from home, work, school, and the everyday. Kids love to see new places, and adults always deserve a much needed break. So pack your bags and get ready to take off to any of several amazing destinations where you can play, unwind, and create a lifetime of memories.

Just saying the word Disneyland is sure to get the kids excited. This wonderland of magical characters and settings is a real-life place right out of a fairy tale. From the castles and parades to the shows, fireworks, rides, and tours, Disneyland is an epitome of theme park entertainment and fun. Adults are sure to have a great time too, where they can shop, dine, relax in luxury, and feel like a kid all over again. Disneyland trips to Florida or Paris are perfect for holidays, special celebrations, or as a spontaneous getaway for the whole family.

Spain is a haven for family-friendly resorts and recreation in both historic and modern cities as well as along the beautiful and sunny Mediterranean coastline. From kid-friendly museums such as Cosmo Caixa, world-famous sporting events that include racing and football, scenic train rides across Spain and beach fun in Barcelona to outdoor adventures, historical sightseeing, the magical Three Kings parade, Carnival in Spain and entertaining cuisine venues — there’s no shortage of laughs, pictures, and memories to be made at any of Spain’s countless family holiday attractions.

Or tour the museums of Exhibition Road in South Kensington, UK, where the world-famous Natural History Museum, Science Museum, and Victoria and Albert Museums have everything from giant dinosaur bones and Neanderthal skulls to meteors, ancient machines, and giant blown glass chandeliers on dazzling display surrounded by 19th century architecture. Then there are the family-friendly destinations of Turkey such as the Miniaturk miniature park, Legoland, vintage museums, horse-and-carriage islands, and the Basilica Cistern — where several hundred marble columns support a vast underground water cistern illuminated by enchanting lights and chiming with the soft echoes of dripping water in the distance.

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