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Away from the urban sprawls and twinkling lights of its vast cities, South America is a land that is seemingly lost in time. From coast to coast, this continent will undoubtedly offer some of the most captivating sights of wilderness, nature, people, and beauty in the world. Here, you can explore anything and everything from untold beach paradises, exotic nature preserves, thick jungle canopies, untamed rivers, commanding mountaintops, panoramic desert landscapes, and offbeat communities far away from the rest of the world. South America is a place of stories, adventures, and exploration. Until this day, amazing new discoveries are still being made in what is one of the most mysterious and enchanting places on earth.

Brazil is one of the world’s largest nations, and its suitable location in the most biodiverse region on the planet might give you some idea of what’s in store for travelers. Home to sixty percent of the Amazon rainforest, Brazil has some of the largest, most diverse, and remotest ecosystems on earth. Here, a tropical forest environment extends to such an incredible variety of plant and animal life that you can expect to see, hear, and experience something new and extraordinary at every step. Go on a gentle kayak journey through a flooded forest tract, watch for wildlife along an intimate jungle trail, or trek to a scenic overlook for panoramic views of an endless rainforest expanse — beyond its jungles, Brazil offers white sand beaches, festive celebrations, and tantalising urban attractions such as Sao Paulo to excite the senses and bewitch the spirit.  

Chile is a wilderness incarnate, where rushing rivers cascade from towering peaks, hidden valleys dip into pristine forests, deserts rise into the sky, and massive glaciers stretch and wind on an unimaginable scale. If adventure, scenery, and exploration is your desire, Chile is a sterling example of your ideal destination. Although Chile might sound like a rush of excitement — it can be a surprisingly easygoing adventure. Chile has a way of accommodating travelers from the novice to the accomplished, and makes sightseeing and exploration of striking landscapes a relaxing and good-natured experience. From Patagonia to the Atacama Desert to its coastal wonders, Chile’s landscape is relentlessly stunning. To help unwind and take it all in, you can indulge in Chile’s world-famous wine culture, where some of the world’s most flavorful vintages are produced in one of its most distant and isolated locations.

For the traveler, Peru is a byword for lost Incan civilisations and jagged Andes peaks. Although it’s famous for an ancient spectacle of somewhat recent times (such as Machu Picchu), Peru’s flourishing history actually extends thousands of years into the past. Here, relics of antiquated societies are dispersed among open landscapes and adorned inside of museums. The lifestyle of Peru is a harmonious mixture of traditional communities and modern development, where you can familiarise yourself with its profound and layered culture while enjoying the comforts and amenities of modern accommodations. Peru’s cuisine is as rare as it is delicious, with a great diversity of influence from other regions that partake of a Spanish, African, Asian, and an indigenous variety.

Also not to be missed is a visit to coffee country in Colombia, here you can learn everything about coffee and enjoy some of the best tasting roasts in the world. While you’re there, go for a trek in Cocora Valley, where you’ll find the tallest palm trees in the world and a seemingly prehistoric landscape. Or go for a mud bath at the Totumo Volcano, where you can soak up over 50 healthy minerals in a perfectly safe and healthy (and fun!) activity. Or seek out iconic attractions in Buenos Aires of Argentina, where a symphonic mix of cultures pervades everything from the cuisine to the architecture and the nightlife. Argentina is a country of both urban and natural wonders, where a stay in the city might leave you with an eager taste for tango, and a journey into the backcountry reveals the fantastic sights of the world such as the wildlife of Peninsula Valdes, the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentinian Patagonia, and the world-famous Iguazu Falls.


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