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North America is a continent rich in open spaces, dazzling urban centers and timeless adventures just waiting to be had. Here, a momentous history of exploration and growth endures alongside a thriving diversity of cultures and people. Spanning a climate that covers much of the northern hemisphere, North America enjoys a continuous flow of tourism every season of the year. Whether you are seeking a casual vacation or an opportunity for boundless adventure, you are sure to find everything—and more—when you visit North America.

The USA is one of the most visited countries in the world thanks to an untold number of one-of-a-kind destinations to choose from. A perfect setting for every variety of traveler, the USA is a big and welcoming country full of extravagant wonders and hidden treasures.

Iconic cities that include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas and San Francisco attract visitors from all over the globe to their bustling streets, sundry cuisines and world-class entertainment venues. Every city comes with a distinct combination of culture and lifestyle, where you’ll discover places, people and activities that are each and all uniquely American.

With 60 national parks currently to its name, USA boasts an array of internationally-renowned landscapes across a wealth of forests, mountains, deserts and coastal wonders. With everything from the exotic settings of Hawaii, California and the Grand Canyon, to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains and the wilderness of Alaska to behold, the USA never stops short of mesmerising your senses as you explore one breathtaking region to the next.

This big neighbor of the USA is not so quiet for a lack of charm. In fact, many Canadians are so busy delighting in the sweeping expanses and attractions of their home country to bother with much of anything else.

So much of Canada is an undisturbed marvel that yields much of its territory to the preservation of nature. For outdoor lovers and those that celebrate a scenic experience, Canada should be at the top of the list. But this spacious country is so much more than the world’s natural wonder — it’s also a highly-developed cosmopolitan destination for a taste of exceptional culture and entertainment.

Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa are some of the most developed in the world, and are furnished with some of its most exquisite and historic landmarks — a token to the vibrant and overarching history of North America.

Mexico secures its place as one of the most desirable beach-going destinations in the world. Hotspots like Cancun and Riviera Maya offer adventure both above and below the waves, where you can take advantage of some of the most amazing diving opportunities in the world — then unwind in the carefree atmosphere of Mexico’s world-famous nightlife.

But world-class beaches, resorts, and recreation are just some of what Mexico has to offer. This country is a land rich in history, where the preserved artifacts of ancient civilisations such as the Maya and Aztecs abound in its tropical landscapes. 

If you’re looking for a destination with all of the qualities of leisure, excitement, and mystery tempered by a warm and inviting climate, Mexico is something of a rarity.


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