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If there was ever a place on earth where sunshine, music, nature, and happiness were so intimately mingled with the culture that it was practically a way of life, surely that place would be the Caribbean Sea. With as many as 7000 islands, over a dozen independent countries, and just as many overseas territories to its name, the Caribbean is a mix of diversity ideally situated in a tropical paradise of lush green islands and bright aqua-colored seas.

The Caribbean is virtually a trademark for an easy-going melody of life. Here, everything from the wildlife, people, and scenery bask in the warmth of continuous sunshine and the gentle breeze of a soothing sea.  When you visit the Caribbean, you will find that all the good things in life are surprisingly commonplace.

The Caribbean is celebrated for its world-class maritime adventures — both above and below the waves. Go surfing on the renowned Atlantic coastlines of Barbados, or dive below the waves and explore the intricate coral reefs of the Dominican Republic.

Indulge in a carefree day-and-night life amid luxury resorts and colonial-era towns in the Bahamas, where you can do everything from dining, sailing, fishing and coral diving to inland exploration and relaxing on the beach with a Bahamian cocktail. Or partake of endless relaxation on sunny golden beaches shaded by swaying palm trees at the Jolly Harbor resort village of Antigua, where luxury resorts dot the scenic coastline and a nearby marina gives access to shops, restaurants, and the Jolly Harbor Golf Club with its 18-hole championship course.

Try exotic food tasting, rum-and-culture tours, and explore a colorful town of rainbow-colored streets in St. Lucia, or drop anchor at secluded islands in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where tourists are few and private luxury is in abundance.


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