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From Australia to Fiji, the Southern Pacific Ocean is a region where endless blue waters stretch beyond sight and imagination, and where distant shapes on the horizon give way to majestic landscapes of rare beauty and hidden treasures. Aptly named, Oceania is a land bound to the deep waters that surround it in every direction. Even though it’s spread out and isolated across the largest ocean on earth, this is where you will find some of the most surprising quantities of wildlife, indigenous cultures, and distinct scenery in the world. Oceania is absolutely brimming over with life, color, and grandeur — and just waiting to be seen.

The continent of Australia is the cornerstone of Oceania: an island landmass large enough to separate two different oceans from one another — yet completely isolated from the rest of the world. Beyond its innovative coastal cityscapes and popular tourist hotspots, Australia is a place of sweeping wilderness and inexhaustible, rugged backcountry. As much as 90% of all Australians live in cities, most of which are located along its extensive and scenic coastline. For the adventurous traveler, this leaves an entire continent of secluded landscapes and inland wonders to explore, such as the Australian Outback where you will find natural wonders that include the Uluru and Alice Springs. Australia is ideal for any traveler, any time of year. Indulge in the thrill and glamour of Australia’s metropolitan marvels — the world-renowned cities of Sydney and Melbourne offer enough luxury, nightlife, cosmopolitan culture, dining, and recreation to keep you more than occupied during your visit. The beaches of Australia — which come in public, private, and luxurious variations — are some of the most famous in the world. And if you’re looking to discover Australia on personal terms, rent a car and get out on the open road. Australia is very accommodating when it comes to car rentals, and exploration of its vast tracts of scenic backcountry is cordially encouraged.

Cast away thousands of miles from any continent and pinpointed somewhere between two sides of the world, the island country of Fiji treats you with an ambience as far away from everything else as its location. Fiji is the textbook definition of an island paradise retreat — brilliant blue waters embrace white powdered sands that run along a seemingly boundless coastline of tropical flora. Beachside relaxation and recreation are just some of Fiji’s strong suits, where you can soak up the sun — or soak up the water, and get acquainted with a vast ecosystem of aquatic life that includes over 1500 fish species and a panorama of breathtaking reef and coral structures. Inland, Fiji is a playground for hiking, wildlife spotting, and scenic exploration. If you’re looking for even more ways to unwind, indulge in the leisurely day-and-nightlife of Fijian towns and resorts, where the local culture is as hospitable as it is completely disarming.

Or go on a tour of New Zealand, where travelers are greeted with a pleasant climate and an incredibly scenic natural landscape of mountains, beaches, lakes, forests, and flowery fields. New Zealand should be a top destination for anyone that appreciates the great outdoors, where hiking paths such as the Heapy and Milford Tracks zigzag across its wide-open and accessible wildernesses, and everything from lakes, rivers, glacial fjords, mountain bike trails, ocean beaches, and ski slopes are in abundance and all within easy reach. New Zealand may not have a big population, but people on this exotic island nation know how to live large. Everything from the seafood and vegetarian cuisines to the beer and wine culture beckons your attention, and cities such as Auckland tempt visitors with quaint cultural exhibits and attractions along with a bustling nightlife.


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