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From the land of the rising sun, lush tropical islands, and high-tech cities to the towering heights of the world, the continent of Asia presents travelers with a full span of sights and experiences guaranteed to leave them with memories that will last a lifetime.

Asia is a place of fascinating mystery, enchanting colors, and a time-honored, ancient culture. It’s a vast continent with such a sweeping heritage and past that it could easily account for a landscape twice its size. Here, the oceans of the world meet coastal climates ranging from tropical to temperate, where a journey in any direction will bring you to some of the most spellbinding and unforgettable locations on the planet.

If you’ve ever felt the urge to stand on top of the world, then your compass may be pointing to Nepal, where peaks of the Himalayas like Mt. Everest rise into the sky amidst rocky valleys, colossal glaciers, and highland plateaus. Across the border, from the hidden land of Tibet through hills, valleys, forests, deserts, surreal ancient landscapes and exuberant cities — the country of China beckons travelers to explore its vast and mysterious spaces.

As the world’s oldest surviving civilisation, China is a patently living antique. From the Great Wall and the Forbidden City to the Terracotta Army, ancient temples and lost villages, a trip to China is sure to pique the interest of anyone wishing to take a gazing look back in time.  But this is only the beginning — because modern China is itself a wonder to behold. With the futuristic cityscapes of places like Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, and more mega cities than you can count on your fingers, China is the perfect getaway for a city break or one episode of unique urban exploration after another. Then there’s the China landscape, where you’ll find everything from the breathtaking Rainbow and Yellow Mountains, to the Precipitous Pillars, the Li River, the Mountains of Tibet, the Gobi Desert, and a rich, winding coastline. With all of its sights, exciting food, and cultural enchantment, China offers a medley of life experiences that will leave you with a deep appreciation of everything from the past to the future — and all things in between.

To the south you will find India, a land of preserved tradition and a turbulent, exhilarating culture. Here, everything from the food to the landscape to the lifestyle betokens its own exotic standards and leaves you with a sense of pleasure and amazement. Feast on the culinary delights of a cuisine that has spread and been adopted the world over. Travel from one mystical landscape to another, where ancient architecture and art stand preserved for your admiration. Experience the Indian culture, where long-enduring spirituality lives side-by-side with the aspirations of modern society. Taste the spices of life, ride an elephant along a beautiful beach, immerse yourself in the energy of a bustling Indian city, or gaze upon some of the highest peaks of the world from their lush foothills — the India experience is yours for the taking.

Southeast Asian countries are virtually synonymous with the words tropical getaway. Thailand, Vietnam and the islands of Indonesia give visitors the pleasure of choosing any beach among endless bands of pure coastal paradise.  Here, the clear tropical waters can be enjoyed from the sand or under the waves, where a tapestry of marine life including gentle whale sharks, sea turtles, coral, and thousands of species of fish can be viewed up close and personal. Southeast Asia is home to sprawling temple complexes both ancient and modern, where awe-inspiring shrines and artistic architecture are as humbling as they are inspirational. Inland, visitors will find age-old landscapes, canopied jungles, serene waterfalls, and mountains that pierce the morning clouds. From adventure to food to relaxation, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam have no shortage of appeal when it comes to the desires of any traveler.

These are just the beginning of your travels in Asia, where unlimited options for adventure, leisure, and discovery await you at every turn. Ride a horse through an otherworldly landscape in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia and China. Relax in a Japanese hot spring for a cool winter sunrise, and then hop on a maglev train for a speedy trip to Tokyo, where you can be pampered in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) before getting lost among the neon lights and techno joy of the Shinjuku district. Or journey to Malaysia, where a mixture of Asian cultures and indigenous tribes coexist in a landscape of tropical beaches, dazzling cities such as Kuala Lumpur, and the thriving jungle habitats of Taman Negara — the oldest primary rainforest in the world.


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