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Africa is considered by some as the adventure capital of the world, and it’s the perfect place to scratch more than a few things off your bucket list. When it comes to travel, the possibilities of this continent are truly a gem to behold.

Home to some of the most ecologically diverse regions on the planet, the continent of Africa is truly like no place on earth. Imagine an untamed wilderness where the animals roam freely through a landscape bounded only by the horizon, and you’re likely thinking of the plains, forests, and desert landscapes of this vast and majestic continent.

Africa is a symbolic picture of life and its ecosystems. It’s a land absolutely teeming over with living things — from their smallest and most unnoticeable form, to their largest and most magnificent. It’s the only place on land where such a diverse range of life exists on such a large and unaffected scale. If you are looking for an experience in one of the last remaining frontiers on the planet, you will surely find what you’re looking for when you visit the sweeping expanses of the African continent.

It’s a continent of many nations and cultures, where several thousand different languages are spoken today. One thing the people of Africa have in common is that they share an unmistakably unique natural environment. When you visit Africa, you can choose from a list of many countries to see — each with its own special brand of beauty and allure to discover.

The Only Safari Destination on Earth

Africa offers so many sightseeing adventures. With a mixture of vibrant deserts, plains, and jungles, its environment serves as a thriving habitat for an immense variety of life — and there’s no better way to view them than on an exciting African Safari. Catch sight of the Big Five on a scenic jeep convoy through the Kruger National Park of South Africa, or hit the trails on foot with professional guides in the Okavango Delta of Botswana, where giraffes, elephants, big cats, hippos, and an abundance of birds and other animals make their home. Come night, you can relax and talk about the excitement of the day at a luxury safari resort destination. Or have a once-in-a-life experience in Kenya, where you can camp out under the stars on the savannah after an exhilarating bush walk, and hear the sounds of wildlife in one of the most exotic camping destinations in the world. If riding a bike is more of your style, go on a journey of discovery through Ghana, where an extraordinary mixture of culture, wildlife, and scenery await.

Or experience a journey to a land so unique that it’s actually home to five percent of all animal life — which cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Separated from Africa by the expansive Mozambique Channel, Madagascar is a huge island nation with a sweeping diversity of plant and animal life — much of it entirely endemic to only one place in the world. From lemurs and baobab trees to long-eared owls, aye-ayes and thousands of plant and animal species, Madagascar is host to a harmony of amazingly exotic life that can only be found here.

Then there are the mighty animal herds of Waza National Park, the endless tropical coastlines, the deliciously rare cuisines, and endless adventures of Cameroon.

Unbelievable Sights

A land of boundless frontiers, Africa has coastlines across several oceans and a landscape of stunning variety. It’s where towering waterfalls, hypnotising jungle canopies, and mysterious caves await to kindle our adventurous spirit. If it is adventure you’re after, then there’s plenty on offer. You could head to Victoria Falls to bungee jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge, go rafting down the rapids of the Zambezi River, or voyage out on the waters to behold Shark Alley in South Africa — the greatest concentration of great white sharks in the world. From a sunrise in Mozambique to a magnificent ocean sunset on the edge of the Namib Desert in Namibia, Africa boasts some of the most magnificent coastal sights and beaches in the world – there really is something for everyone in this incredibly beautiful continent.

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